Cuddling with Cats

Went to the grocery store today

I am glad I got out finally

It wasn’t too hard

I just didn’t want to get out of bed

Because it was cold

And my cat Apollo wanted to cuddle

He usually sleeps with me

At night too

He’s a lot closer to me

Than his sister Venus

I love to hold him

But my Mom is very fond of her

Venus likes to sleep in her room

But when it’s just me in the house

They both cling to me

It’s the only time she will be around me

When they were kittens

They both used to sleep on my chest

It was so cute

They were so much smaller then

But that was a year ago

Now they fight over the best spot

To sleep in

Apollo seems to bully his sister

We always have to break them up

On rare occasions

I’ve spotted them cuddling together

While they were asleep

But usually they sleep separately

Cats are interesting

Patrika Williamson


First Rain

It rained so hard today

It finally feels like winter

Well a CA winter

I had been enjoying the warm weather

Which most people love about living here

In other parts it’s snowing like crazy though

Something I’m not use to

I’ve never even seen it snow before

I was in the snow one time in my life

As a child

But never during the time where the snow was falling down

I’d love to see what that’s like

Others probably hate it by now

I just hope the brush fires have been put out

By all the rainy weather

Sometimes the weather effects your mood

But for me I don’t notice

I just dread flooding

Last year I got caught in one

While I was driving

My car almost died

Thank God it didn’t

I am grateful that I have shelter

From all this bad weather

Patrika Williamson

More Winter

It started raining again this afternoon

But it came soon

After I was just about done doing my errands

It was cold and windy

And the voices started to bug me

They thought I was driving too fast

I don’t always know when I’m doing it as my stereo blasts

I made it to church before the storm started

But when I came home from getting shots for my kittens

The rain started to hit

And since then it hasn’t quit

I’m not looking forward to another flood again

But staying home entertaining invisible friends

Is also something I don’t want to do

Once they start talking I get caught trying to

Be friendly

But it’s not because they are making me

I just get lonely and don’t have any

Friends or people who I feel comfortable talking to

Even though I do

Live with my Mother at the moment

I can’t share everything with her that is a current

Thing going on in my life

And other things are just between me and God like

My hopes, dreams and fears

I cry to him because I know he hears

And will take care of it

Patrika Williamson

Weather or Not

Today was much nicer than yesterday

You never would have known that it rained

The day before the streets were flooded with dirty water

But now the streets are much clearer

And I was able to drive

Without fear that my car would die

I’m thankful that today things were better

But tomorrow comes more rain and more wet weather

This is another California winter

But with lots of water

I look forward to summer

And the sun making it hotter

But then again there’s spring

When the season will bring

Sunshine and blossoming flowers

Warmer weather

And clearer skies

I can’t wait until winter is over

So I won’t have to run the heater

Or bury myself under the covers

Patrika Williamson

Winter Weather

In my hometown it rains

And snows but only in the mountains

Today was the worst I ever drove through

Flooded streets everywhere and all I could do

Was to keep driving through deep water

That caused cars to go so much slower

The rain hit extra hard and loud

That it made a crashing sound

I couldn’t stop driving through it

And my car almost quit

I had no idea it would be so bad

And if I had known I would never have

Gone out today

I would have stayed

At home and not tried to brave this horrible storm

I tried to keep myself calm by playing my music louder than the norm

Sung to myself and keep warm

My windows were foggy

And traffic crawled forward before me

I just had no idea

And on top of it my phone alerted me loud and clear

A flash flood warning was in affect

I wish that I had gotten it

Before I had gotten on the road

At least I got home

And my car was OK

I braved a flood and can say

It wasn’t easy but I made it

And I have to be patient

For this bad weather to end

Patrika Williamson