Home Alone

Today was a quiet day

I just stayed home

By myself

And watched some TV

I like it when it’s quiet

But tomorrow is Sunday

And I need to go to church

I think I can do it

I have gotten out

A few days this week already

So I can make it back

And I really like the series

That’s going on now about prayer

It’s weird but

I haven’t practiced guitar

In quite a while

I just haven’t thought about it

And since it was quite today

It would have been perfect

Maybe tomorrow after church

Patrika Williamson



Silence Again

I love when it’s quiet

I guess it feeds my silence

I don’t know why I’m such a quiet person

Not speaking enough is certain

From a closed lip person like me

I’m the only one enjoying

The fact that only the sound of me

Typing and my fan running

Since it got hot like summer

All over again

Even though fall weather is coming

And I will have to start bundling up

But again I love it when the sounds of the TV

Or my niece playing and shouting

Because she is full of energy

Or even the sounds outside

Of cars driving by

But then again at night

When it’s so late and most are at home tucked in tight

And it’s way past midnight

I sometimes wake up for a second

And again greeted by the silence

Until the morning when

The TVs are on again

And everyone is up since it’s morning

Enjoying breakfast and getting ready

For me I can’t wait until

It gets late again

And I feel comforted by the silence

Patrika Williamson