Tuning into God

Despite feeling down

I dragged myself to church today

Had a little trouble

Getting into it

But the sermon was good

It was about prayer

And setting prayer goals

I didn’t know it could be so complicated

I liked it but

Now I need to rethink how I pray

And that’s really important

At one point the pastor

Gave an example of all the excuses we make

About not having enough faith

Well actually I forgot

But I felt like he was describing me

It was so weird

He named all of my fears

I do pray every night

But after listening to this sermon

I will start setting aside a time in the morning

For prayer and listening

Like he suggested

One of the things I’m guilty of is talking

Asking for things and not listening

To what God has to say

It’s not all about me when I pray

It’s about speaking to God

And making a connection

Filtering out all the static

Well the pastor used the radio

As an example

We tune in to what we want to hear

But if we really try

We can hear God speaking to us

Well I really am glad I made it to church today

Patrika Williamson



Going Back

Made it out today

Got to church

For a special on movies

Our church was popping

There was a DJ in the lobby

Face painting outside

And balloon animals

The pastor reviewed the movie

Hidden Figures

He has a special series he does

Every year

On movies

Where he relates a different movie

Every week

To the Holy Bible

It was nice going back

Everyone was friendly

And the woman sitting next to me

Bought me popcorn

I need to go back regularly

For the worship and atmosphere

I am thankful that I fought my laziness

And that I was able to get out

Of the house

Patrika Williamson