Guitar Playing and Creating

I’m looking forward to

Getting some songbooks

I figured

I didn’t need to keep buying

Guitar instructional DVDs

I know the basics

Like tuning and chords

And strumming and sorts

I just want to start playing now

And come up with new melodies

And words to go with them

But the challenging thing

Is not knowing how to sing

Once I come up with a new tune

I wish I could sing it too

But it doesn’t stop the creative flow

It’s fun to create without having to know

Much about music

I used to play the piano

But not that well

A song or two

But nothing too


Now I’m making up new songs

On my guitar

I never knew I could do it

Patrika Williamson


Things That I’m Proud of

I’m the type of person

Who can pick up a book

And learn a new skill

I’ve been able to pick up crocheting

And make all kinds of neat things

Like afghans and baby booties

As well as hats and layettes

I’ve also made friendship bracelets

With names knotted in them

Cross-stitched my way through pictures

And even assembled a furniture

The biggest thing I put together

Was my nieces bunk bed

I’m just a whiz with instructions

I think it’s the only way I can learn on my own

I don’t recall learning things so easy in school

But when I got to college and learned programs

It was a self-paced format where you went through the book

There are a few gripes I have about what I’d like to learn

If only computer programming was that easy

Or learning to play an instrument

Since I don’t have a gift for them

I’m not as good

I did pick up piano as a child

From a music book

But since I took a follow-along class as an adult

You’d never know that I used to play pretty good

I wish life had it’s own textbook

I’d study it all the way through

And do my best to understand and make the right moves

Patrika Williamson