The Way to Learn to Play Guitar

I practiced more Beatles songs today

I almost sound kinda close

When I play

But since I don’t know all of the chords

I have to play slow

Still it’s nice

Because I can remember the songs

So I know what I’m supposed to

Sound like

When I play unknown songs

It’s harder

So I stick to classic rock

From my favorite artists

I played “Nowhere Man” today

I keep trying to play “Michelle”

But it doesn’t sound right

Even when I put on the capo

And move up and down

The frets like it says

It’s very challenging

I try to stay away from songs

With too many chords

But songs like “Love Me Do”

Are very simple

Some of the songs I never

Heard of

So I don’t try them

Since I don’t know what

They are supposed to

Sound like

But the book I have

Has every Beatles song

It’s a nice book called

“The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook”

If anyone would like to practice guitar

And would like to learn some familiar songs

Then this book is for you

Patrika Williamson



Guitar Practicing

Made it to church

The pastor’s series on prayer

Is really good

He’s so thorough

I got home and practiced guitar


I need to do it everyday

I challenged myself

And tried to play

“Can’t help falling in love”

By Elvis Presley

It’s different because

Instead of strumming

You have to do what’s called

Finger picking

When I tried it the other day

I couldn’t get it

But this time I was a little bit better

I tried to remember how

The original song went

Which was slow

And I plucked each string

But you have to change chords

As you do it

It will get easier as I practice

I also went through

My Beatles song book

And played a few of my favorites

I really want to practice more

Till I sound like a pro

Patrika Williamson

CPAP Fixed now for Practice

I made a few adjustments

By tightening my straps

Around my head

And it was so tight

That my mask stayed on all night

Problem solved

Later I went through the songs

In my More Simple Songs book

It had tabliture

Strumming patterns and chords

The songs looked complicated at first

But I was able to play “California Dreamin'”

I’d love to play “I can’t help falling in love with you”

But it involves fingerpicking

And the timing is different

It makes me want to go back to that

Beatle songbook that I bought

A while back and try some of them

It’s easier to play a song

That you are familiar with

You can sing along

You know the melody

And how it should sound

So you’re not in the day.

So it’s gonna have to be simple

If I haven’t heard of it

Patrika Williamson

Something Catchy

Losing thunder

But upbeat after making another melody

On my guitar yesterday

I thought when I first started learning

That it would be years

Before I’d be writing anything

The book I read on writing

Didn’t teach me anything

I just play around

And though I struggled

Staying on beat

And changing chords

I can’t see that problem anymore

But I want to write lyrics too

The important thing is getting

The melodies down on paper

So I can tweak and play them again

It’s fun playing

And it’s my new favorite hobby

I may not be able to play many classics

But to be able to come up with something

That’s catchy is an amazing gift in itself

Patrika Williamson


Playing Misadventures

I recorded myself today

After finally picking up the guitar

A few hours after

Coming home from church

Which was great

I grabbed my tablet

And used the sound recorder app

To capture myself

Never opening my mouth

I recorded myself for the first time ever

Playing my first original song

It had a nice sound

But I need to work on

Changing chords smoothly

While still staying on beat

And since I can’t sing

It’s also challenging

It sucks not having a singing voice

But I can at least try to harmonize


I won’t ever know

What the words sound like

Only in my mind

When I think about them

But I’m glad that I finally picked up my guitar

Since well

I can’t remember the last time

But I need to practice

At least every other day

My instructor recommended 15 minutes

Every single day

However I had to cut practice short

Because I got hot

And my fingers were sweating

The last thing I wanted

Was to play with slippery fingers

Patrika Williamson



Practicing the Beatles

Practiced from my Beatles songbook

The other day

It was challenging

But if I can master one song

Like Hey Jude

It will be a victory

Some of the songs have chords

With like five notes

And I’m not sure how to use

All of my fingers

But the reward is sounding good

And moreover

Sounding like a pro

But for now

I just like playing around

The book I bought

Has every song

The Beatles have ever written

That would be a challenge

To be able to play everything

But their sound is something to enjoy

And it’s timeless

I also finished reading a book

About songwriting yesterday

And one of the interesting things I read

Was that when writing songs

You should record yourself playing them

In order to see if you sound right

Or need to change anything

I’d like to record myself performing

My first song

And hear how it sounds

There are a few parts I’d like to tweak

And at least check the beat

I can’t seem to play with the metronome going

But I’d also like to play with a pocket amp I bought

That hooks to your headphones

Patrika Williamson




Guitar Playing

I performed live today

With my guitar class

We performed a song

That we had practiced

I did the best I could

I wasn’t very nervous

Since I was in a group

I’m glad that it’s over

I’ve noticed that after playing

A whole song

My left hand is so sore

But I am still trying to learn chords

And wanting to compose

An entire song

As much as I like to write

Nothing comes to mind

Just melodies for now

I remember writing

Songs as a child

Including a cool dance song

But it’s been so long

That I don’t remember the words

But writing poetry is similar

To writing song lyrics

I remember watching the movie

The Doors with Val Kilmer

And how Jim Morrison wrote poetry

I don’t write about things too far out

But maybe I can go back

And look over old poems

To see if I can turn them into songs

But my challenge isn’t just

Finding the right chords

I can’t sing so I don’t know what notes I need

To play to make it sound a certain way

I don’t know why I want to make up my own songs

I guess because I’m creative

And love to make up

Stories and poetry

But I am reading up

On songwriting

And there are different approaches

From writing a lyric

To just playing around with a melody

But I don’t know where to start

Well I’ve got spring break

To play around with my guitar

Patrika Williamson

Getting it Write

I tried last night to write a short story

Just to see if I still had it in me

I wanted to try my hand

At fiction again

I think I did alright

But now I want to spend my time

Taking classes on how to  fiction

I just don’t want to let anything

Discourage me again

And not give myself a chance

To do something I once truly loved

By letting others fill me with doubt

And wanting to quit again

Just with any other talent

If you don’t feel the courage to do it

You will feel like you blew it

If enough people say you’re not very talented

I’ve suffered through so many discouraging comments

That I allowed others to tell me I was no good

Even after writing several full length books

Something which most people can’t do

I’ve met people who say they lack inspiration

And can’t even get out the first sentence

Let alone three hundred plus pages

But if I can write something that actually makes sense

Then there must be something I’m doing right

I can’t say I’m the next Stephen King

Or J.K. Rowling

But I might just be good enough to write

Novels that are great reads

But I don’t know yet since I’m trying

To sharpen my skills

It doesn’t hurt to try till

I get my style just right

Until then I’ll keep practicing

Patrika Williamson