Guitar Playing and Creating

I’m looking forward to

Getting some songbooks

I figured

I didn’t need to keep buying

Guitar instructional DVDs

I know the basics

Like tuning and chords

And strumming and sorts

I just want to start playing now

And come up with new melodies

And words to go with them

But the challenging thing

Is not knowing how to sing

Once I come up with a new tune

I wish I could sing it too

But it doesn’t stop the creative flow

It’s fun to create without having to know

Much about music

I used to play the piano

But not that well

A song or two

But nothing too


Now I’m making up new songs

On my guitar

I never knew I could do it

Patrika Williamson


Real Success

In my dream last night

I learned about a business

Selling cosmetic products

The highlight of the merchandise

Was a brush shaped like a foot

That was electric

And I guess it massaged as it cleaned

I was psyched to start

And even had ideas how to sell it

I dreamed that it would make me

Lots of money

In my waking life

I wish I could find a great opportunity

Always looking for a way

To become financially successful

And not have to work

The typical 9 to 5

I just never fit in the mold

I don’t know why

But I admire those who can

And do

I’ve been this way ever since I was a child

But never have been the success

That I dreamed I would be

Over the years

I have been hard on myself

Wondering why I didn’t make more

Or not in a high position

But if I look at the way my life is

I’m not starving

Not homeless

Not in any type of distress

And I think I have come pretty far

I feel that I have become a success

I can’t measure success with numbers or status

But with my accomplishments

My strengths and abilities

There are so many things

That I can do

That I didn’t learn in school

And I’ve been able survive mental illness

I’ve kept myself out of the hospital for years

I’ve come so far from

Not being able to function

And I’m proud of myself for it

Patrika Williamson