Cuddling with Cats

Went to the grocery store today

I am glad I got out finally

It wasn’t too hard

I just didn’t want to get out of bed

Because it was cold

And my cat Apollo wanted to cuddle

He usually sleeps with me

At night too

He’s a lot closer to me

Than his sister Venus

I love to hold him

But my Mom is very fond of her

Venus likes to sleep in her room

But when it’s just me in the house

They both cling to me

It’s the only time she will be around me

When they were kittens

They both used to sleep on my chest

It was so cute

They were so much smaller then

But that was a year ago

Now they fight over the best spot

To sleep in

Apollo seems to bully his sister

We always have to break them up

On rare occasions

I’ve spotted them cuddling together

While they were asleep

But usually they sleep separately

Cats are interesting

Patrika Williamson


Scaredy Cat

I went out to brunch today

With my Mother

Was stuffed

It was nice getting out

With my Mom

Later my cat Apollo

Got so spooked today

He hid under my Mom’s bed

I had to lure him out to eat

He stayed under there for hours

But I don’t know what he saw

He was in my window

Then suddenly ran out

Him and his sister

Always sit in the window

But it’s a mystery

I don’t know what could have

Scared him so much

He finally came out at night

Since he likes to sleep in my bed

I hugged him and tried to cuddle

But he ended up leaving again

He’s usually the brave one

Out of the two

I hope he’s OK tomorrow

Patrika Williamson

The Difference Between Them

My kitten Apollo

Is all black

I never believed

That supperstition

That black cats are unlucky

I think they’re beautiful

His sister Venus

Is a Tortoise Shell

I originally thought she was a Calico

Since she is multi-colored

But learned that she isn’t

Because she has no white in her coat

Her hair isn’t slick like her brothers

Kind of coarse

But her brother’s fur is so silky

I love petting him

He even rolled over for me today

And let me rub his belly

There are rare times

When she will let me rub her

But she is way more independent

She latches more onto my Mother

Even though I do everything for them

But if my Mom’s not home

She will cuddle with me

Which I totally love

But when they get big

I’ll miss being able to pick them both up

At the same time

Apollo eats so much

And is already heavier than her

So when they’re grown

He’ll be huge

And she’ll probably stay petite

Patrika Williamson

Not So Fast

I caught a glimpse of my kitten Venus

During feeding time

She is so hard to find

I never see her during the day

And now that it has cooled down

She is finally visable

She is the smaller of the two

With her brother having

The bigger appetite

No jumping tricks like Apollo

But she is very affectionate

When she allows it

Last week she came out for me

And let me rub and caress her

I don’t know alot about female cats

But they must be much more elusive than males

And don’t just let everyone

Have their love

You have to earn it

Unlike Apollo

Who will come on to anyone

I’m still learning about each of them

Even though I’ve had them

Since they were five weeks old

Patrika Williamson

Finding Humor

I got out today

It was mysteriously cloudy

But still pretty hot

We don’t get alot of moisture

In the summer

So we have the dry heat

That brings on a lot of fires

I couldn’t relax

Because my fan only blew

Hot air around

I can’t wait until fall

When I can bundle up

With my kittens again

And not sweat so much

Or get thirsty

I watched standup

Something I used to do growing up

Humor is so common to me

Since my Mom is very funny

And I love watching comedies

I guess that’s how I learned to deal

With so many bad things in my life

To find some humor to everything

Makes a situation less bad

Like my mental illness

If I couldn’t make jokes I wouldn’t be able to

Keep myself sane all these years

I have to make myself laugh

Patrika Williamson

The Cutest Thing

Out of my two kittens

Apollo is the most affectionate

He cries for me

And jumps into my arms

Sometimes even on my back

I’ve only seen it in movies

When a furry animal

Jumps up like that

But he’s not doing it as an attack

I just don’t like that he uses his nails

Whenever he does it

He does it and them rubs against me

Venus is usually no where to be found

I hope that when they are fully grown

That Apollo doesn’t still do that

Since an adult cat can do more damage

But for now it still startles me

I’m not used to it

Since I’m getting clawed

Otherwise it’s the cutest thing

A kitten can do

Patrika Willliamson

Daily Life

Still staying in my room

Now I don’t want to get up

I just feel so detached

I don’t know why I can’t get up

Even after waking up early enough

I know that things have to get done

But I seem to just want to lie down

Maybe it’s what my new doctor

Prescribed me

I just feel like there’s no motivation

To get up every day

And I’m stuck in my room

Trying to feel cool

I need to get out tomorrow

To go to church

My kittens don’t mind

They just spend their time


They seem to do it better than me

I know life isn’t about getting rest

It’s about living

But I don’t even want to eat

Sometimes I wonder if I should

Check into a hosptial

But they don’t let you rest

You always have to get out of bed

And do some activities

I never got how they let some

Of the patients stay in bed the whole time

But for me I felt like I was being punished

When they caught me trying to sleep

I still remember my doctor

Threatening me with ECT

I guess a hospital isn’t the best place for me

But I can’t stay at home all day

I have things I have to do

Patrika Williamson

My Highlights

I waited for hours

At the doctor today

I was reminded of how

I hate to go

Since my doctor is so busy

And is always running late

All this for a five minute visit

But I wish I could find a new one

It’s just very difficult

They either don’t take my insurance

Or their not accepting new patients


I wish I could go where I wanted

It’s across town


All of this because I have to be on meds

I can’t function without them

I spent about like three hours there

But when I came home

My kittens missed me

They even waited for me to take a bath

And Venus got so cozy with me

I was shocked

She never cuddles with me

I couldn’t believe it

I rarely ever see her during the day

It was truly the highlight of mine

Patrika Williamson

I Need Some Positiveness

Spent a bit of time out of the house

Still hot though

My kitten Apollo was so hot yesterday

That he stayed in the living room all night

Practiced a bit of guitar yesterday

Wrote a complete song

About praying to God

I never thought I could do it

But it all came together

At one time

And I just hope it doesn’t sound too negative

But I did it though

Quicker than the first song I wrote

I actually used some of the melodies

I had already come up with

To make it easy

I think I should keep writing

Pain is what drives me

And tomorrow is Sunday

So that means I need to go back to church

Hopefully it will perk me up

I need some positivity in my life now

Patrika Williamson

Inspired to Compose

I was thinking about

Writing another song

I’m feeling down again

And I used to only write

When I was depressed

I plan to go to prayer

In the morning

Maybe stop for breakfast

And I need to return to church

This Sunday

It’s up to me to make it

But it’s been weeks since I’ve gone

So I need to drown myself

In the Lord

Church usually perks me up

I found out that I’ve actually

Lost a few pounds

I haven’t been eating as much

Which is good

But if I want to see a real difference

I need to go back to the gym

Still hot

But I’ve gotten a bigger fan

And all of my frogs are dying

I don’t know if I’ll replace them

Since they’re dropping fast

I still need to focus on my kittens

Who are experiencing their first summer

And mostly sleep in cool places

Patrika Williamson