Cuddling with Cats

Went to the grocery store today

I am glad I got out finally

It wasn’t too hard

I just didn’t want to get out of bed

Because it was cold

And my cat Apollo wanted to cuddle

He usually sleeps with me

At night too

He’s a lot closer to me

Than his sister Venus

I love to hold him

But my Mom is very fond of her

Venus likes to sleep in her room

But when it’s just me in the house

They both cling to me

It’s the only time she will be around me

When they were kittens

They both used to sleep on my chest

It was so cute

They were so much smaller then

But that was a year ago

Now they fight over the best spot

To sleep in

Apollo seems to bully his sister

We always have to break them up

On rare occasions

I’ve spotted them cuddling together

While they were asleep

But usually they sleep separately

Cats are interesting

Patrika Williamson


The Difference Between Them

My kitten Apollo

Is all black

I never believed

That supperstition

That black cats are unlucky

I think they’re beautiful

His sister Venus

Is a Tortoise Shell

I originally thought she was a Calico

Since she is multi-colored

But learned that she isn’t

Because she has no white in her coat

Her hair isn’t slick like her brothers

Kind of coarse

But her brother’s fur is so silky

I love petting him

He even rolled over for me today

And let me rub his belly

There are rare times

When she will let me rub her

But she is way more independent

She latches more onto my Mother

Even though I do everything for them

But if my Mom’s not home

She will cuddle with me

Which I totally love

But when they get big

I’ll miss being able to pick them both up

At the same time

Apollo eats so much

And is already heavier than her

So when they’re grown

He’ll be huge

And she’ll probably stay petite

Patrika Williamson

Not So Fast

I caught a glimpse of my kitten Venus

During feeding time

She is so hard to find

I never see her during the day

And now that it has cooled down

She is finally visable

She is the smaller of the two

With her brother having

The bigger appetite

No jumping tricks like Apollo

But she is very affectionate

When she allows it

Last week she came out for me

And let me rub and caress her

I don’t know alot about female cats

But they must be much more elusive than males

And don’t just let everyone

Have their love

You have to earn it

Unlike Apollo

Who will come on to anyone

I’m still learning about each of them

Even though I’ve had them

Since they were five weeks old

Patrika Williamson

The Cutest Thing

Out of my two kittens

Apollo is the most affectionate

He cries for me

And jumps into my arms

Sometimes even on my back

I’ve only seen it in movies

When a furry animal

Jumps up like that

But he’s not doing it as an attack

I just don’t like that he uses his nails

Whenever he does it

He does it and them rubs against me

Venus is usually no where to be found

I hope that when they are fully grown

That Apollo doesn’t still do that

Since an adult cat can do more damage

But for now it still startles me

I’m not used to it

Since I’m getting clawed

Otherwise it’s the cutest thing

A kitten can do

Patrika Willliamson

My Highlights

I waited for hours

At the doctor today

I was reminded of how

I hate to go

Since my doctor is so busy

And is always running late

All this for a five minute visit

But I wish I could find a new one

It’s just very difficult

They either don’t take my insurance

Or their not accepting new patients


I wish I could go where I wanted

It’s across town


All of this because I have to be on meds

I can’t function without them

I spent about like three hours there

But when I came home

My kittens missed me

They even waited for me to take a bath

And Venus got so cozy with me

I was shocked

She never cuddles with me

I couldn’t believe it

I rarely ever see her during the day

It was truly the highlight of mine

Patrika Williamson

Little Gifts

Like a bird on my shoulder

My kitten Apollo

Comes to be with me

Even though he has doubled

In size

Since I first got him

He still comes to me crying

And when I acknowledge him

He jumps into my arms

And purrs so that I can rub him

He loves being babied

But my other kitten Venus

Never does that

She doesn’t like to cuddle

Or come to me

And jump into my arms

She takes more to my Mother

But I like to call Apollo a Mama’s boy

Since no matter how big he gets

He still clings to me like when he was

A little baby

But when he gets to be fully grown

Like my older cat Onyx

I wonder will he still jump into my arms

By then he’d be way too heavy

And scare me

I remember when I was a little girl

My grandmother had a cat named Genesis

Who did the same thing

But it always scared me

I grew out of my fear of cats

As I got older and I wished for a kitten

And we finally got one

When I was in my teens

Unfortunately he ran away

Two years after we got him

But we got Onyx when I was

In my late teens

And we’ve had him ever since

But Apollo and Venus

Were five weeks old when I got them

I sneaked them up on the family

They were a gift to myself

I guess

And now they’re about six months old

They were so young when I got them

That they still were little bundles of puffy fur

With blue eyes

And couldn’t jump or climb

I even had to help them use the litter

Since they’d go everywhere

And they didn’t drink water

So I only fed them wet food

Mixed with water

They’ve come a long way though

Patrika Williamson

Little Kittens

Man my cats have gotten so big

Apollo seems to be the ring leader

He’ll eat anything

He likes bready things

Like buns and donuts

He’ll eat through the bag

To get whatever’s in it

Including cat food

I’m surprised he isn’t fat

I have to lock them in my room

With me

Or else

They’d eat

Everything in the kitchen at night

I can’t have them going through the trash

And rummaging through bags

I don’t catch Venus doing it as much

But sometimes when I come home

Their bag of cat food

Will have huge holes in it

And be on the floor

Then when it’s time to feed them

They won’t be hungry

I guess I wasn’t quick enough

To serve them

I try to feed them enough

During meal time

But they sometimes fight over food

And they go crazy for the wet food too

So I like to give them the grilled kind

Instead of the pate

Since it looks like chopped liver

But they used to eat only that in the beginning

They go crazy for treats too

But sometimes get picky

It isn’t always easy

Keeping up with their appetite

But I always try to feed them on time

But sometimes I’m gone from home too long

And have to feed them late

They don’t turn it down though

I just wished they didn’t chew through everything

Patrika Williamson

Full of Energy

I forgot since my cat Onyx

Has gotten so old

That kittens love to play

Venus and Apollo run around everyday

And when it’s time for bed

I’m lucky if they both crash out

Usually I put them in my room

And close the door so they can’t get out

But there are times when

I’m ready to go to bed

And they will do laps

In fast motion

They’ll run back and forth

Knocking stuff over

Sometimes passing over me

And I get kicked and scratched

As they pass by

One time Venus ran over my face

And they’ll do this for an hour or so

It’s totally nerve racking

I know they need their exercise

But they have no sense of time

Finally after a while

When they’ve worn themselves out

They’ll collapse on my bed

And get some rest

Patrika Williamson

Kitten Love

I stumbled on some video

In my camera

It was of my kittens when I got them

They were so small

And could barely cry

I couldn’t believe they were so tiny

They have gotten so big

And I have did

So much for them

I can’t believe someone had

Found them in the trash

They are so cute and cuddly

I’ve had them since they were

Only five weeks old

And Apollo turned into an all black cat

With yellow eyes

Venus has orange and black stripes

They will always be together

And love to play with each other

Apollo likes donuts

While Venus stays trim

I sometimes still catch them cuddling

And they hate to wait for breakfast

I can’t imagine what they’ll be like

At full-size

Patrika Williamson