Chugging Theraflu

Still sick

Went out though

But splurged

At the grocery store

I guess I was hungry

But since it was

A discount grocery store

I didn’t spend much

This is gonna be a long weekend

My niece is off on Monday

I got some generic Theraflu

Since I like the lemony taste

I prefer it over the cough syrup

I’ve been taking

It’s better than tea

And tastes better

I was never a big fan of

Hot drinks like coffee and tea

Since I always burn my mouth

But I used to chug down Theraflu

Because I like lemons

And it’s easier to take than

Syrup or big pills

Well hopefully when I wake up

I’ll feel a whole lot better

Patrika Williamson



I got to talk to my brother today

It was kind of weird since I haven’t seen him

He’s been away for a year and a half

And I don’t know when he’ll be back

I can’t imagine what it’s like

For him to not be able to see his kids

Or live his old life

Things just don’t look good

He comes to us

His family for help

Now that he’s been in prison

He’s been locked up in solitary

Confinement for months

And that’s even harder than being in a regular cell

Only being let out once a week to shower

Or make a phone call home

He can only read to take his mind off

I used to think that it was better to be alone myself

But when you are forced to as a means of punishment

It can make you slowly go crazy

I know now that people need to be around others

And have human contact

Without that we just can’t help but react

Only being able to think all day

Can drive anyone insane

Even though I hear voices and

Sometimes see things

It’s not the same as being around

The people you care about

It may sound like company when you think

They function and talk just like any living beings

But after a while even they aren’t the same

As being around the real thing

I just pray for my brother as much as I can

And someday he’ll be a free man

Patrika Williamson