My Sanctuary

I practiced more Beatles

I’m focusing on “Nowhere Man”

I want to sound smoother

Oddly enough I haven’t gotten out

The last few days

I don’t feel depressed

But I want to do more

I just don’t have much

To do these days

I want to get one of the speakers

Replaced in my car

But won’t have much money

This month

Music is so important to me

I have to always have it playing

When I’m driving

I guess it just calms me

I used to get really nervous

When I drove

But I don’t drive with anyone else

In my car

That also makes me nervous still

I just drive alone

And sing along to the music

I guess besides my room

It’s my sanctuary

I have to escape

Patrika Williamson


Guitar Practicing

Made it to church

The pastor’s series on prayer

Is really good

He’s so thorough

I got home and practiced guitar


I need to do it everyday

I challenged myself

And tried to play

“Can’t help falling in love”

By Elvis Presley

It’s different because

Instead of strumming

You have to do what’s called

Finger picking

When I tried it the other day

I couldn’t get it

But this time I was a little bit better

I tried to remember how

The original song went

Which was slow

And I plucked each string

But you have to change chords

As you do it

It will get easier as I practice

I also went through

My Beatles song book

And played a few of my favorites

I really want to practice more

Till I sound like a pro

Patrika Williamson

Guitar Playing and Creating

I’m looking forward to

Getting some songbooks

I figured

I didn’t need to keep buying

Guitar instructional DVDs

I know the basics

Like tuning and chords

And strumming and sorts

I just want to start playing now

And come up with new melodies

And words to go with them

But the challenging thing

Is not knowing how to sing

Once I come up with a new tune

I wish I could sing it too

But it doesn’t stop the creative flow

It’s fun to create without having to know

Much about music

I used to play the piano

But not that well

A song or two

But nothing too


Now I’m making up new songs

On my guitar

I never knew I could do it

Patrika Williamson


I wrote a few songs

But no music

I have melodies

But no words

It’s like a puzzle

Connecting the pieces

I’d love to come up with something complete

But it’s difficult since I can’t sing

The music just sounds right

But I can’t sing along

Since I’m off key

Curse my voice

Still haven’t found the right key

To play in

If I could find the right one

I could sound a bit alright

When I play

I move my capo back and forth

But it doesn’t help

I wanted to play again today

Looking for the right notes

And words to say

Patrika Williamson

Living, Cleaning, and Guitar Playing

Found a new clinic

Practiced guitar

And cleaned some more

Going to the clinic tomorrow

Hopefully they’re better than

My current doctor

Made up some new melodies on my guitar

That was pretty cool

No new lyrics though

I didn’t want to put my guitar down

I ended up having to since my niece

Wanted to play video games

She loves Super Mario 3D World

And only plays that these days

My room is still in construction

Cleared away alot of stuff

But it mostly needs organizing

More than anything

The floor is what needs clearing

But I still see some improvment

Compared to what it looked like before

Patrika Williamson


Strumming Away Blues

Practiced guitar today

Still learning

But found a new way to play

Without sheet music

I bought a DVD from Groupon

It was so old that it came with a cassette tape

And the instructor had a mullet

Still I learned something

I played so hard that my fingers are sore

Playing really relaxes me

Now I’m a little better at playing by ear

And I even felt inspired to write more songs

With this new way I can play

It’s amazing how many songs you can play

With only two fingers and then none

Well they call it open strings

Just strumming is fun

But the instructor never used a pick

That was the only thing that tripped me up

I also saw they had a piano DVD too

I used to play the piano in high school

But it would be cool to learn some songs

The same way

If only I could sing

Patrika Williamson


I’m feeling a little better today

Got out of the house briefly

I even pulled out my guitar

And strummed a little

The event I was going to

Is still on for tomorrow

I had a positive dream

About it last night

In the dream I met someone

And they were really nice

I guess I can’t get it off my mind

But I am going to leave extra early

And giving myself plenty of time to get ready

I just hope it goes well

I’ve been praying about it lately

And wanting everything to go well

It’s all about being comfortable

And myself

If there’s even one match

It will be worth it

Patrika Williamson


Something Catchy

Losing thunder

But upbeat after making another melody

On my guitar yesterday

I thought when I first started learning

That it would be years

Before I’d be writing anything

The book I read on writing

Didn’t teach me anything

I just play around

And though I struggled

Staying on beat

And changing chords

I can’t see that problem anymore

But I want to write lyrics too

The important thing is getting

The melodies down on paper

So I can tweak and play them again

It’s fun playing

And it’s my new favorite hobby

I may not be able to play many classics

But to be able to come up with something

That’s catchy is an amazing gift in itself

Patrika Williamson



Made it out today

And enjoyed getting fresh air

Also practiced guitar yesterday

Sounding better everyday

Tweaked the song I wrote

Using a capo

And looking forward to

Recording myself playing again

It still sounds funny when I sing though

I just can’t hit the right notes

I still think learning to play

An instrument is a cool hobby to have

And when you suffer from mental illness

They are a great distraction

Whether it be

Depression or anxiety or schizophrenia

I suffer from all three

So it’s good to keep myself busy

Other stuff like just cleaning up

And doing things that require thinking

Are a good way to escape

It’s a trick to keep your mind

Off of the pain

But whatever I do

It’s better than just sitting around

And worrying about life

Patrika Williamson

Playing Misadventures

I recorded myself today

After finally picking up the guitar

A few hours after

Coming home from church

Which was great

I grabbed my tablet

And used the sound recorder app

To capture myself

Never opening my mouth

I recorded myself for the first time ever

Playing my first original song

It had a nice sound

But I need to work on

Changing chords smoothly

While still staying on beat

And since I can’t sing

It’s also challenging

It sucks not having a singing voice

But I can at least try to harmonize


I won’t ever know

What the words sound like

Only in my mind

When I think about them

But I’m glad that I finally picked up my guitar

Since well

I can’t remember the last time

But I need to practice

At least every other day

My instructor recommended 15 minutes

Every single day

However I had to cut practice short

Because I got hot

And my fingers were sweating

The last thing I wanted

Was to play with slippery fingers

Patrika Williamson