I left the house today

But had trouble getting up

Hopefully I’ll make it to church

It’s just a few more days away

Maybe if I leave the house

Each day it will be easier

Or at least every other day

I don’t know

But that would be a good goal

Or maybe to go back to

The gym or something

Every morning maybe

That would be good for me

And make me healthier

I thought I could work out at home

But I haven’t tried that yet

It’s been so long since I’ve used

My Wii Balance Board

That was nice but I only play games

On my Wii U

It’s a more convenient way

To work out

Now that I think about it

Patrika Williamson




Working Out

Didn’t leave the house today

Trying to keep a routine

Of guitar practice

I didn’t feel too depressed

But starting new meds tomorrow

I will finally get off of what

Gave me so many side effects

I hope what I will be taking now

Won’t affect me too much

I want to go back to the gym

And try to get healthy

If I go back with my Mom

Maybe I can start going

A few times a week

I found out that I can stay on

The elliptical for an hour

And it burns way more calories

Than walking on the treadmill

But for some reason my feet

Kind of fall asleep

If I’m on it that long

So I usually would do thirty minutes

A good workout did make me feel good

I just hope I can see some results

Patrika Williamson




My Ups and My Downs

I was so sluggish today

I don’t know why

But I just stayed in bed all day

And barely ate

I saw my new psychiatrist

The other day

And finally got to get

My meds changed

But I’m a little uneasy since

I didn’t wean myself off of

The stuff I had been taking

He just changed what I was taking

And I had a bit of trouble sleeping

I just hope that I’ll finally not

Have a huge appetite

Or gain anymore weight

The meds that I was taking

Had weight gain

As a side effect

And I packed on so many pounds

And had trouble getting them off

But this is a new day

And a new doctor

So hopefully

Things will change

And I’ll finally lose some weight

I was planning on

Starting a new diet as well

A lot of shakes and other liquids

Hopefully once I start

I’ll be able to stick with it

And I’ve been wanting to

Go back to

The gym to hit the elliptical

Which I found burns more calories

Than the bike and treadmill

I used to have trouble staying on it

More than five minutes

But somehow I was able to

Ride it an entire hour

However my feet would fall asleep

But staying on for an hour

Is a big accomplishment for me

At this point I haven’t even been going

In quite a while

But I want to go back

Once school is over

Patrika Williamson