Working Out

Didn’t leave the house today

Trying to keep a routine

Of guitar practice

I didn’t feel too depressed

But starting new meds tomorrow

I will finally get off of what

Gave me so many side effects

I hope what I will be taking now

Won’t affect me too much

I want to go back to the gym

And try to get healthy

If I go back with my Mom

Maybe I can start going

A few times a week

I found out that I can stay on

The elliptical for an hour

And it burns way more calories

Than walking on the treadmill

But for some reason my feet

Kind of fall asleep

If I’m on it that long

So I usually would do thirty minutes

A good workout did make me feel good

I just hope I can see some results

Patrika Williamson





Feeling Good

Still eagerly awaiting my results

From last nights event

I thought about it

And even if I don’t get any matches

I’ll be OK

Because God will never leave me

I know that as long as I believe in him

He will answer my prayers

I was so devastated the last time I went

And didn’t get any matches

So even if I haven’t met the right guy

Maybe he’ll come along one day

And be perfect in every way

It took a lot for me to get to this point

I know God never disappoints

And with enough faith

It will turn into a miracle

So other than that

I’ll focus on myself

And finding the right job

Which I’m also hoping

I’ll stumble upon

So I am doing a bit better

And don’t feel as low

As I was the other day

Patrika Williamson

Speed Dating

Just came home from an event

It was fun

But it ended so sudden

I didn’t get to meet all of the guys

I actually found a few cool ones

Who had similar interests

Or ones that were interesting

I hated having to yell

Over all the noise though

And having to narrow down my likes on a card

Two of the guys I picked

Had the same name

But I’m crossing my finger that

I made a match

I had to write down my top five

But if I match all five

Do I get all their emails

Or just the first one

How does this work anyway

I should have asked

I did make it home though

And it’s hotter inside than out

But I’m home

So now I need to get some rest now

Patrika Williamson




I’m feeling a little better today

Got out of the house briefly

I even pulled out my guitar

And strummed a little

The event I was going to

Is still on for tomorrow

I had a positive dream

About it last night

In the dream I met someone

And they were really nice

I guess I can’t get it off my mind

But I am going to leave extra early

And giving myself plenty of time to get ready

I just hope it goes well

I’ve been praying about it lately

And wanting everything to go well

It’s all about being comfortable

And myself

If there’s even one match

It will be worth it

Patrika Williamson


One Day

Looks like I’m going to make it

The speed dating event is next week

And I’m ready to have some nice conversation

I don’t really get a chance to meet new people

And I would like to

Even though it is difficult

I’m not a club person

Or any good at online dating

So I don’t have a social life

I just hope to meet someone nice

Who is looking for the same things

That I am

Someone who is mature

And not looking for a one night stand

Or something that’s casual

I don’t like praying about it daily

Since God has heard me

Each time I cried

But I feel like I’m going to burst

If I have to be single for the rest of my life

And there’s no sign of any good guys

I wanna write a love song someday

And about the happiness that it has brought me

I lack that inspiration at the moment

And only sing about being lonely

When will my day ever come

That I can say

I’m truly happy and not alone

Patrika Williamson

Being Social

I got a new dress

For next week

I talked to my cousin yesterday

And she canceled

So I have to go by myself

I’ll be wearing a black dress

I hope I look nice

I’m no gonna worry too much about it

But I’m hoping I will at least make a new friend

I’ve never gone to an event downtown

So hopefully I’ll meet someone cool

And my age too

I’m not super nervous

I just cross my fingers

I’ll make at least one match

After having an extra ticket

The company didn’t allow refunds

But they did say I could use it

For another event so

If things don’t work out

I can go again

But I trust God

To find me the right man

I know I shouldn’t go out

Seeking anyone

Since I will only let myself down

But I’m curious to see what comes of

A speed dating event

And if I can have fun going out

Something that I rarely ever do

It’s not like I’m partying

Or going out drinking

Just talking to people

And maybe making a connection

It’s easier for me to speak to people one on one

Since when I’m in crowded places

I don’t have the courage to spark up conversation

With people I may come across

So this is the perfect setting

I’ve always been like this

And never knew why

Patrika Williamson


Speed Dating…Yes

I’m going to an event next month

I can’t believe I’m giving this

Another try

But I got my cousin to join me

At a speed dating event

I prefer it over internet dating

Since you get to meet people in person

And talk to them face to face

I just hope

I can get at least one match this time

I’ll cross my fingers

I’m looking forward to it

Since I haven’t been on a date in a while

It would be an excuse to go out

Something which I don’t do very often

And to be around single men

It’s hard for me

To make small talk

Or spark up a conversation

But in this environment

I feel more comfortable

And can meet more than one person

During the same night

I hope it goes right this time

Patrika Williamson

Speed Dating…Maybe

I’m thinking about trying

Speed dating once again

My cousin and I were talking

And I suggested we both

Go out to an event

I went to one time before

It was fun

But I didn’t get any matches

I sat at a table across from a guy

And after a few minutes of talking to them

They’d switch and someone else would sit

In front of me

We each took notes

And at the end chose who we thought

We would be interested in

After the event we went home

And logged on a site

Then if someone you picked also picked you

You’d get their email from the site

But I unfortunately didn’t get any matches

I met many interesting people

Some very nice

And some were guys I thought hell no about

But overall if I had been better prepared

Maybe I would have made a match

I wanted to try again

At a different event

But my cousin chickened out

So I ended up not going again

Just like last time I will offer to pay

For her ticket

But I will ask her again

Since she is doing the online dating thing

At least with speed dating

You get to meet them face to face

And talk to a potential candidate

Well in between praying for Mr. Right

I’ll try it again for fun

Patrika Williamson

Is It Impossible

I had a flashback

Of the It’s Impossible speech

I don’t know why

Today I saw a cute guy

As I got out of my car

At the grocery store

The voices said speak up

But I couldn’t

Maybe that’s why I just got a flash

Of the impossible speech

That they gave to me

A few months ago

That made me feel so low

And also made me feel discouraged

About ever meeting another soul

I don’t talk very much

Let alone initiate conversations

With people I don’t know

I find it hard to meet guys

No matter how much I might

Think they’re my type

I don’t know how this thing works

Do I tap them on the shoulder

And say hi

Or maybe try to come up to them

And make an introduction

I don’t know what to do

And it’s no wonder I’ve never

Been very popular

Out and about

Getting dates no doubt

I’m used to the wrong guys

Flirting with me

And I’m not desperate enough

To just date anybody

I hope if the time does come

The right guy will be brave enough

To get my attention if he hasn’t already

And say something

To spark up a conversation

Patrika Williamson