Guitar Practicing

Made it to church

The pastor’s series on prayer

Is really good

He’s so thorough

I got home and practiced guitar


I need to do it everyday

I challenged myself

And tried to play

“Can’t help falling in love”

By Elvis Presley

It’s different because

Instead of strumming

You have to do what’s called

Finger picking

When I tried it the other day

I couldn’t get it

But this time I was a little bit better

I tried to remember how

The original song went

Which was slow

And I plucked each string

But you have to change chords

As you do it

It will get easier as I practice

I also went through

My Beatles song book

And played a few of my favorites

I really want to practice more

Till I sound like a pro

Patrika Williamson


Tuning into God

Despite feeling down

I dragged myself to church today

Had a little trouble

Getting into it

But the sermon was good

It was about prayer

And setting prayer goals

I didn’t know it could be so complicated

I liked it but

Now I need to rethink how I pray

And that’s really important

At one point the pastor

Gave an example of all the excuses we make

About not having enough faith

Well actually I forgot

But I felt like he was describing me

It was so weird

He named all of my fears

I do pray every night

But after listening to this sermon

I will start setting aside a time in the morning

For prayer and listening

Like he suggested

One of the things I’m guilty of is talking

Asking for things and not listening

To what God has to say

It’s not all about me when I pray

It’s about speaking to God

And making a connection

Filtering out all the static

Well the pastor used the radio

As an example

We tune in to what we want to hear

But if we really try

We can hear God speaking to us

Well I really am glad I made it to church today

Patrika Williamson


Going Back

Made it out today

Got to church

For a special on movies

Our church was popping

There was a DJ in the lobby

Face painting outside

And balloon animals

The pastor reviewed the movie

Hidden Figures

He has a special series he does

Every year

On movies

Where he relates a different movie

Every week

To the Holy Bible

It was nice going back

Everyone was friendly

And the woman sitting next to me

Bought me popcorn

I need to go back regularly

For the worship and atmosphere

I am thankful that I fought my laziness

And that I was able to get out

Of the house

Patrika Williamson

I Need Some Positiveness

Spent a bit of time out of the house

Still hot though

My kitten Apollo was so hot yesterday

That he stayed in the living room all night

Practiced a bit of guitar yesterday

Wrote a complete song

About praying to God

I never thought I could do it

But it all came together

At one time

And I just hope it doesn’t sound too negative

But I did it though

Quicker than the first song I wrote

I actually used some of the melodies

I had already come up with

To make it easy

I think I should keep writing

Pain is what drives me

And tomorrow is Sunday

So that means I need to go back to church

Hopefully it will perk me up

I need some positivity in my life now

Patrika Williamson

Inspired to Compose

I was thinking about

Writing another song

I’m feeling down again

And I used to only write

When I was depressed

I plan to go to prayer

In the morning

Maybe stop for breakfast

And I need to return to church

This Sunday

It’s up to me to make it

But it’s been weeks since I’ve gone

So I need to drown myself

In the Lord

Church usually perks me up

I found out that I’ve actually

Lost a few pounds

I haven’t been eating as much

Which is good

But if I want to see a real difference

I need to go back to the gym

Still hot

But I’ve gotten a bigger fan

And all of my frogs are dying

I don’t know if I’ll replace them

Since they’re dropping fast

I still need to focus on my kittens

Who are experiencing their first summer

And mostly sleep in cool places

Patrika Williamson



Hopefully God Will Intervene

I was up so late last night

Rewriting the first song

I tried to set to guitar

I didn’t think to write the chords

Now I have to remember

How I wanted it to sound

Now that I’m not about to

Go to sleep

I made it to prayer

This morning though

And made a special request

For my brother who is facing 32 years

He was charged with assault

And facing just about

A life sentence in prison

Which is pretty hefty

Since murders and rapist

Get lighter sentences

I tried my best to help him

By getting information from lawyers

But now it’s just up to the courts

I pray for him every night

And hope that God will intervene

But it can be hard to stay positive

When I think of all the black men

In prison

And how they make up most

Of the prison population

It’s just a sad place to end up

Patrika Williamson

Getting to Church

I magically got up early

Like I did yesterday

It’s nice not to need an alarm

So I got to go to church

Earlier this time

And it was different

My church is more crowded

At the ten o’clock service

And I was back home

By lunchtime

I felt like yesterday

God wanted me to make it to prayer

Since I’m always too sleepy

On Saturday to get up

And make it to the nine o’clock program

I hated that I missed it

Last week since the main pastor and founder

From the main campus

Came and led the prayer

But I made it yesterday

And gave my praise and petition

Sometimes I notice I’m more thorough

Than other times

But I didn’t get emotional

And start to cry

One interesting thing

That was mentioned

During service today

Was that when we do the usual

Introductions before the message

That we could end up meeting

Our future partner

I usually feel a little uncomfortable

When we do this during the service

Usually they’ll say turn to your neighbor

And they’ll tell us what to say

But since I’m bad at talking to people I don’t know

I’m kind of nervous

But it’s not in my mind that I could be

Speaking to a future suitor

It would be nice though

I wish I could meet him at church

Since I like going and we could go together

Each Sunday

If it’s meant to be it will happen

Patrika Williamson

Spring Break

Vacation time for me

I don’t plan on leaving

Just sleeping in

It’s been a while

Since I was in school

But I like having time off too

I get like two weeks off for

Spring Break

But I never partied

So I don’t take trips

And celebrate

This time of year

I just enjoy relaxing

And will attend church on Easter Sunday

I’ve been wanting to learn

How to write songs

I don’t know why

But I’ve been reading up on it

So for the next two weeks

My time is freed up to

Study up

And of course practice guitar

I’ve learned tabliture

From Yousician

And oddly enough

Last night in class

My instructor introduced

It to us

And I’m already way ahead

Knowing what the numbers meant

I no longer feel as discouraged

About playing

I’m trying to learn new chords

But mostly playing around

And stumbling upon them

As I go

It’s cool

But I don’t know the names

Of the chords that I play

But there are plenty of musicians

That didn’t learn to play their

Instruments traditionally

I haven’t checked out YouTube yet

And there’s probably millions

Of videos on guitar playing there

For now I’ll just stick to my phone

And all the other stuff I bought

Then continue my class

When Spring Break is over

I hope that everyone

Enjoys Spring Break

Patrika Williamson

Give God A Chance

After feeling so wound up

About something negative in my life

I was uplifted by my churches’ baptism Sunday

They had set up a hot tub filled with warm water

And I watched as one person after another came up

At times a whole family would get in and go under together

I got so emotional that tears filled my eyes

I just had to cry

I remembered when I first was baptized

Just a few years ago

And how important it was

But seeing so many people

Giving their life to Christ was amazing

It made my day

The people who were baptized on-stage

I’m glad that I came forward like they did

And I have never regretted

It took me a bit of time to take it seriously

But when I did I started going to church regularly

I pray everyday

And I read the whole Bible

I trust God with everything

And my life is now amazing

Though I have my bumps

And days when I’m down

I look to God to bring me out

It’s not about living a bland life

There’s so many things that go into it

And the rewards never end

Heaven and blessings and everything

It’s not always easy

But continued faith and worship

Are important

It’s not something that happens automatically

But so many people don’t give God a chance

To be in their lives

He can do so many amazing things

And it doesn’t hurt to try him

He will amaze you

Patrika Williamson



























21 Day Fast

I think overall l my fast went well

So many things happened

This month that count as blessings

And the biggest was making a new friend

I kept a journal and for everyday

I wrote down a miracle that came my way

It was a little hard to eat differently

And I ended up

Giving up towards the last few days

By having lunch with my Mom

In honor of her birthday

I prayed daily

And went to church on Saturday

To add in an extra group prayer

It was all something that I wasn’t use to

And I’ll admit it was cool to commit to

I did a good job

Got closer to God

And was blessed so many times over

That I never felt I was being skipped over

God responded in such a positive way

But I have to keep in mind

That it doesn’t have to involve fasting

God will bless you no matter what

He hears us

And knows what’s in our hearts

So instead of being impatient

I should relax and be content

Until he blesses me again

With his generosity

And love for me

Patrika Williamson