Tuning into God

Despite feeling down

I dragged myself to church today

Had a little trouble

Getting into it

But the sermon was good

It was about prayer

And setting prayer goals

I didn’t know it could be so complicated

I liked it but

Now I need to rethink how I pray

And that’s really important

At one point the pastor

Gave an example of all the excuses we make

About not having enough faith

Well actually I forgot

But I felt like he was describing me

It was so weird

He named all of my fears

I do pray every night

But after listening to this sermon

I will start setting aside a time in the morning

For prayer and listening

Like he suggested

One of the things I’m guilty of is talking

Asking for things and not listening

To what God has to say

It’s not all about me when I pray

It’s about speaking to God

And making a connection

Filtering out all the static

Well the pastor used the radio

As an example

We tune in to what we want to hear

But if we really try

We can hear God speaking to us

Well I really am glad I made it to church today

Patrika Williamson



Feeling Good

Still eagerly awaiting my results

From last nights event

I thought about it

And even if I don’t get any matches

I’ll be OK

Because God will never leave me

I know that as long as I believe in him

He will answer my prayers

I was so devastated the last time I went

And didn’t get any matches

So even if I haven’t met the right guy

Maybe he’ll come along one day

And be perfect in every way

It took a lot for me to get to this point

I know God never disappoints

And with enough faith

It will turn into a miracle

So other than that

I’ll focus on myself

And finding the right job

Which I’m also hoping

I’ll stumble upon

So I am doing a bit better

And don’t feel as low

As I was the other day

Patrika Williamson

That Negative Voice

I feel good after going to church

Church was empowering

The pastor had a panel of women speak

And the guest speaker

Mentioned that we have a negative voice

That tells us bad things

And makes us feel like we’re no good

Man for me it’s like so many

But they were referring to the devil

Who puts lies in our head

And makes us sin

Plus so many other things

I remember thinking

Man I have to battle so much negativity

And the voices I hear don’t sound like the devil

Or some little voice that I can barely hear

These are loud and clear

And they sound like regular people

The sound like people you know

Maybe your mother or a friend

And every day I hear them

The only thing I can do is fight back

And say what you say isn’t true

You can’t beat me down

Or make me agree with you

So it’s a struggle

Day to day

Hearing them

And trying not to scream

To make them go away

I have to be my own cheer team

Patrika Williamson

Dreaming of the End

I had a very moving dream

Last night I dreamed that

I was with my Mom

We were sitting outside at night

A man came up to me who knew me

And asked me to come with him

I said no and kept resisting

He pulled me so hard and practically

Pulled of my shirt

But out of no where I stared at the sky

And I saw a shooting star go by

And then I saw an explosion of lights

And colors

And it was so mesmerizing

That I couldn’t look away

The sky was lit up

Even more than fireworks

It was like the stars were changing colors

And then a light came

And I saw a large image on the screen

It was a reporter standing next to a man

And she was announcing it was the second coming

I felt funny since I knew it was the end

And I had never got to do all I wanted on Earth

I looked at my Mom

And felt really scared

Like I wouldn’t get to go to heaven

But I felt hands hoisting me up

And I was overcome with joy

I yelled “God, I love you”

And looked around to see if my Mom

Was coming up with me

But before I could I woke up

It made me realize how much I love God

The oddest thing happened once I was awake

The voices told me that it was them

Who gave me that dream

They were the ones that hoisted me up

They tried to ruin a good thing

I didn’t let it get to me though

I just kept thinking about when the time comes

I’ll be going to the best place

Patrika Williamson

Just Forget About It

I spent some quiet time today

Talking to God

I’ve noticed that the way

God answers prayers

Is when we’re not thinking about them

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to

Pay for my kittens being fixed

But he blessed me yesterday with

The funds to pay for their surgery

And this was after I had given up hope

On there being extra money in my pocket

I think that the way to think about being blessed

Is to just forget about it

Tell God what you need

And he will get back to you indeed

I tend to obsess over everything

But when I forget about it

And focus my energy on just living

God always comes through for me

So about that man

It’s what I came to God about today

I just said

God I know you can do anything

Could you do this for me

I just hope I’m not worrying too much

And need to try to put it out of my mind

Even though I think about this all the time

If I can forget about it long enough

Hopefully I will be blessed in more ways than one

And all needed to do was trust in him

So that he can make it happen

Patrika Williamson

Trust and Believe

Well after having prayer

I feel like I don’t have to keep

Praying for the same thing

It’s already done

As they say

I remember my pastor saying

That sometimes we have to beg

For what we want

And I truly did

For a while

I feel like I don’t have to worry anymore

About if God is deciding whether

He should answer my prayers or not

I think that he has decided to answer me positively

And I am truly grateful

I think that trusting in the Lord

Has truly paid off

And anything is possible

If we believe in him and trust

That he will always take care of it

If you ever want to know if God is for real

Ask him to do something miraculous in your life

And he certainly will

Patrika Williamson


I Never Regret It

What is next on the horizon

I wonder to myself

Will I meet the man of my dreams

When I’m least expecting it

Will I go back to writing fiction

Learn how to play the guitar

Or maybe find peace within myself

I’d love to have the voices in my head

Go away forever

But it’s not necessarily something

I have control over

Whether I talk to them or not

I know they’re still there

Waiting for the right moment to break in

But it makes me wonder

What would it be like if I had a significant other

Would they break in and make me angry

When I want to have privacy

Especially when I want to have it with someone else

It’s not always quiet in my head

And I feel like they’re keeping their eyes on me

Even though sometimes they aren’t bothering me

Some things aren’t very easy to ignore

And that’s when I have to turn to my hobbies

But my new one is now playing the guitar

Well actually I spent most of my time tuning it

But still it keeps me busy

Rather than sitting around talking and listening

To them as they try to get on my nerves

And to be seen and heard

I seem to taunt them as much as I can

It makes me laugh and takes away from the fact that

I used to feel like I was going crazy

Like they were all out to get me

I know I’ve said God is amazing

But I think at the time I was being tested

This was way before I was saved

And before I believed in the Lord wholeheartedly

Some wonder how can God allow something like this

But God never said life would be easy the whole way through

We all have our trials and tribulations

And things we have to go through

It makes us stronger as they say

I can’t speak for everybody

Knowing there are so many people in the world suffering

But from my own experience

I’m glad I finally chose to believe in God on my own

And not because it was what my family wanted me to do

I finally came forward and chose to be a Christian

And have not regretted this decision

It’s not bad and the benefits are better

Than anything of this world

Patrika Williamson

Give God A Chance

After feeling so wound up

About something negative in my life

I was uplifted by my churches’ baptism Sunday

They had set up a hot tub filled with warm water

And I watched as one person after another came up

At times a whole family would get in and go under together

I got so emotional that tears filled my eyes

I just had to cry

I remembered when I first was baptized

Just a few years ago

And how important it was

But seeing so many people

Giving their life to Christ was amazing

It made my day

The people who were baptized on-stage

I’m glad that I came forward like they did

And I have never regretted

It took me a bit of time to take it seriously

But when I did I started going to church regularly

I pray everyday

And I read the whole Bible

I trust God with everything

And my life is now amazing

Though I have my bumps

And days when I’m down

I look to God to bring me out

It’s not about living a bland life

There’s so many things that go into it

And the rewards never end

Heaven and blessings and everything

It’s not always easy

But continued faith and worship

Are important

It’s not something that happens automatically

But so many people don’t give God a chance

To be in their lives

He can do so many amazing things

And it doesn’t hurt to try him

He will amaze you

Patrika Williamson



























Better Than Usual

I don’t know why but I feel better

Even though nothing major

Has happened in my life recently

But I think God blessed me

With calm and a patience for something

I just don’t know what will happen

But I think it will happen soon

Like it has already been taken care of

And all the prayers that I made

Will not go unanswered

I will be rewarded for my faith

Prayer is always the best way to get God’s attention

And to speak with him because he listens

I have waited so patiently

For him to answer me with something

That is so important to me

And I no longer shed tears

I no longer fear

That I won’t be blessed

As other miracles have happened

As well

And he is just getting started

As he is faithful to us

And never has he forgotten

I will continue to pray


And believe in him with all of my heart

He is there for me as well as everyone else

And I know he will never go against his word

He never lies or leaves us alone

I get little hints dropped in my dreams

And continue to have a positive feeling

Which came out of no where

But I shouldn’t question it

As gloomy as I have felt for the last few weeks

And to become inspired to do something

Out of character

Maybe for the better

It doesn’t hurt to take a chance

Even if I don’t know the outcome in advance

I don’t feel that it’s a big deal

I’m just living my life basically

And that’s nothing out of the ordinary

Patrika Williamson

More Than Just a Sign

Something interesting happened today

When I went to church for prayer

The pastor asked who was single

And I raised my hand along with several other people

But that wasn’t the end of it

At the end of the meeting

A newlywed couple offered to pray for all the singles

I was brave enough to get up

And I joined the circle for special prayer

It was nice that we were singled out

So to speak

And it was the main reason why I went this morning

I have been praying for a mate

As I’ve mentioned before

I know that God hears me

And by this I think that he was making sure to tell me

That he is currently working on it

Or at least I hope this is the whole reason for it

It was not a coincidence

I asked God to send me a message several days ago

To let me know

That he is taking care of everything

For it to have not happened instantly

Must mean that it will be an extra special blessing

Nothing is good when it’s rushed and not carefully created

The best things take time and patience

I just have to wait a little longer I guess

Since I’m not asking for a one-night stand

I’m praying for something that will last forever

And nothing could ever

Take the place of it

Patrika Williamson