Life at Home

I did a bit better today

Even though it took me

A while to get up

I had to babysit my niece

It wasn’t hard though

I have to do it from time to time

I just don’t know what to do

When my niece gets hyper

She gets it from her dad

She loves to play video games

We finally beat

“Super Mario 3D World”

The other day

But it unlocked more levels

So we still play the game

She never gets tired of it

It’s something she looks forward to

Whenever she

Comes home from school

And she’s only five

I think at that age

I just played with dolls

But she does that too

Patrika Williamson


So Frustrating

I was so angry

In my dream last night

I had just moved into

My college dorm room

And every time I looked

My roommate changed

Everything around

My stuff kept getting moved

I didn’t know why

And then when they told me

Something didn’t work

I would get mad and break stuff

But not purposefully

I’d get really clumsy and break something

It was embarrassing

I was so frustrated

I don’t know why I was dreaming about college

But when I’m angry and frustrated in a dream

I usually am for real

My older niece still practically lives on the couch

She is very rude as well

We can’t even talk around her

It’s one thing to be a rude adult

But to be a rude kid is another

She seems to think that if she is loud enough

She can get her way

And the way she talks

Is as if she thinks she runs the show

If I had my way

She wouldn’t be staying with us

She’s too young to think she’s grown

Unfortunately my Mom isn’t old-school

So a her methods aren’t enough

I just don’t know when she’ll act like

A normal twelve year old

Patrika Williamson

Children and Medication

I didn’t make it to church today

But did see my niece and nephew

Today was my nephew’s birthday

He hugged me after we gave him his gifts

It was really nice to see them again

I don’t get to visit them so

These times are rare

But being with my younger niece can be challenging

My Mom wants to put her on meds

She has learned from other parents

That they have been medicating their children

She’s only five though

She has a friend though who was medicated

And it really helped her

Because she was becoming very aggressive

I know there’s a debate about medicating kids

But what else do you do

When kids get out of control

My Mother doesn’t believe in spanking

And taking away privileges doesn’t work

She just yells and throws things

And her older sister who’s twelve is much worse

There are times when even punishment doesn’t work

But their father

My younger brother

Had to have meds

He was emotionally disturbed

They aren’t however

But when they sometimes mimic his behavior

It makes you want to have something

To help them mind

I’m not against it

But I don’t know what it’s like

I didn’t start taking anything myself

Until I was an adult

But I wished that I had been put on something

As a child for my depression and anxiety

Maybe I would have been a different person entirely

Patrika Williamson