The Way to Learn to Play Guitar

I practiced more Beatles songs today

I almost sound kinda close

When I play

But since I don’t know all of the chords

I have to play slow

Still it’s nice

Because I can remember the songs

So I know what I’m supposed to

Sound like

When I play unknown songs

It’s harder

So I stick to classic rock

From my favorite artists

I played “Nowhere Man” today

I keep trying to play “Michelle”

But it doesn’t sound right

Even when I put on the capo

And move up and down

The frets like it says

It’s very challenging

I try to stay away from songs

With too many chords

But songs like “Love Me Do”

Are very simple

Some of the songs I never

Heard of

So I don’t try them

Since I don’t know what

They are supposed to

Sound like

But the book I have

Has every Beatles song

It’s a nice book called

“The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook”

If anyone would like to practice guitar

And would like to learn some familiar songs

Then this book is for you

Patrika Williamson



Checking out Fiverr

Trying a new approach

To getting the most

Out of looking for jobs

And other things

I heard of Fiverr

A while back and used it

For some different things

It’s cool since you can ask

For just about anything

I haven’t sold any services

On there but it seems like a nice platform

You can go through the listings

And find a service like

Creating a logo

Or writing a novel

And people will offer their services

Starting at five bucks

But if you can’t find what you want

You can also get a quote

By setting your own deal up

I got an app builder membership once

But now looking for help finding a job

And you can get a refund if you’re not happy

It’s a cool site

Check it out

Patrika Williamson