Left the house today

I feel a bit better

It’s amazing

I’m down to just 4 pills a day

I still haven’t had a breakdown

Aside from my depression

I thought it would be much worse

Running out of meds I mean

I finally get to go to the doctor tomorrow

Well if I’m lucky enough to get called in

They go by need

And not first come first served

Like most walk-in clinics are

I hope they can see me

So I can get something that will

Take away my appetite

My weight is slowly climbing

Hopefully my new doctor will be good

I don’t know where else I can go

Well the hospital

But I dread that

I’m always scared when I’m there

So many patients

And you have no idea

Why they’re there

But as long as I have my CPAP

I’ll be OK

Patrika Williamson


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