Back to Where I Started

Went to the clinic today

And shopped afterwards

It’s weird that I ended up

Going to the same place I went to

Years ago

I’ll be seeing a different doctor though

I have to go back again next week

It’s a special clinic

That even takes people without insurance

They also have resources as well

I remember they helped me get insurance

But I stopped going there since

I didn’t like my doctor

Or having to see a nurse afterwards

They were convenient though

They’re located

Just a few miles from where I live

Now I’m wondering if they can help me

With housing

I don’t know if I qualify though

I’m assuming there’s a waiting list as well

I’ve only lived on my own briefly

But had to move back home

Because I couldn’t afford it

I’d like to live in one of those

Government subsidized places

But they’re hard to get into

And now that I have my cats

I don’t know if there are any that accept pets

It’ll be challenging

Patrika Williamson



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