Family Life

It’s already hot and miserable

And summer hasn’t even started yet

I wish I could get out more

But I don’t have any plans

For the summer

I just bake in my room

Since we have no AC

And my fan blows hot air

When it gets really warm

I just wish I could cool off somewhere

But my older niece is back

And she lives in the living room

So it’s back to her never leaving the house

And always being irritable

I don’t know how this could be a permanent thing

She still isn’t in school

I know it’s summer but

To have kids in the house all day

With nothing to do can be stressful too

She hasn’t broken anything yet

But I don’t think my Mom can help her

My niece’s mother just dumped her off

On our doorstep the other day

And she said she couldn’t come back

How can anyone do that to their own child

We were just getting her back to normal

And now she has to adjust again

Patrika Williamson





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