Dieting isn’t as easy as I thought

Just like the many other times

I ended up cheating

But I can’t be too harsh

The diet food I bought

Didn’t taste too good

The smoothies tasted like medicine

And the soups made me sick

I only eat the protein bars now

And try to have a small meal

But I tend to eat less than I should

And I still haven’t gone back to the gym

The good thing is

I don’t have the huge appetite that I did

But I have yet to start my gym routine

Like in the past

If I could just incorporate that into my day

It would make a big difference

And it wouldn’t be as bad if I cheated

Because I could burn it off

And get toned in the process

I don’t know why I can’t get up

In the morning anymore

I did it for school

And if I go back to work

I’ll have to wake up for that

I just need a kick in the right direction

Patrika Williamson


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