New Meds New Day

I finished at the top of my class

I typed 42 wpm today after errors

It was nice

Our instructor played graduation music

And we each got a certificate

I made it to the end

Now what

I removed my mouth jewelry

After an urging from my cousin

She said it may help me

I guess I looked too hard with the rings

So now it’s a new day

I’ve got the date set

But it’s still like 2 weeks away

I don’t have any other plans in the future

Just cleaning up

I watched several episodes of Hoarders

And got inspired

Not that my room looks anything like

The people on the show

I just know that it could use a good cleaning

I don’t clean very often

I tend to be a messy person

But when I clean

I do a good job

It’s just not on a regular basis

I think my med change

Really made a difference

I’m like 5 pounds lighter

Than I was when I last weighed myself

It may not seem like a lot

But I don’t eat healthy

Yet it still looks like something has changed

So hopefully I’ll be under 200 again

Patrika Williamson


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