Guitar Therapy

I’m ready to go electric

My guitar is both

Acoustic and electric

But even after hooking it up

To the amp it came with

It left me wanting more

I’d love to play an electric guitar

I’m really starting to sound good

And literally can’t put the guitar down

It’s cool and lessens stress

Our instructor even mentioned it

During class the other day

If anyone is looking for a new hobby

Than music might be a good thing

To try next time

I don’t know if I should

Jump back into piano

But it was something

That I used to learn in high school

But I think I’ve gotten pretty good

At playing the guitar

Coming from having no prior experience

At all

I remember very little from the piano

Except what notes look like

And beats

But guitar music isn’t written the same

And relies more on chords

Unlike the piano which in the beginning

I learned how to play with one hand

It’s much different

Plus there are strumming patterns

And endless chords to remember

But I’ve memorized the basic ones

And it’s enough to play simple songs

Or make up my own

Patrika Williamson




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