I Never Stop Learning

I finally got a song right

Well just about

In my guitar class

We played “Hey Jude”

by The Beatles

It was nice playing

A song that I had heard of

But there’s still work to be done

The exercises I did

Took a lot of finger reaching

And my hands ached after each try

Guitar playing isn’t just about sounding cool

You have to learn the other stuff too

It’s like baby steps as they say

I dreamed again of high school

But this time it was a celebration

With lots of food

I think it was a graduation party

I wonder what is my obsession with high school

I finished years ago

But I still dream about it

Like I’m still living through

My teenage years again

I know that they say

It symbolizes learning new things

But I feel like there’s something

I’m longing for

I don’t know if it’s a popularity or what

I was never popular but got

Really good grades

And finished in the top ten

Of my class

But looking back it’s not that big

Of a deal

The fact was I made it through

We all have parts of our lives

That we wish we could redo

And since then I’ve had many moments

In my life that I wished

I didn’t have to go through

Like getting sick

Or becoming chemically dependent on meds

But I’d rather this than being committed again

Patrika Williamson


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