Coping with Comedy

I love to make jokes


I mostly share them with the voices

I know that I shouldn’t spend my time

Talking to them but it’s an outlet

I just love to laugh

And don’t always feel comfortable doing it

Around my family

They can be funny

But unfortunately

I tend to isolate myself

Since I’m usually in my room

When I’m at home

I get out of being a clown

Or at least watching a comedy


It’s very therapeutic to me

But I don’t always isolate myself

I only do it when I feel uncomfortable

Living with my family is sometimes hard for me

We don’t always get along

And rather than trying

I tend to just remove myself

Because I know I’m not very social

I tend to make things worse

And get really emotional as well

But I’m thankful that I still have my Mother

In my life

Patrika Williamson


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