I was watching Married at First Sight

Last night

And thought about how I wish

I could get married

But in the case of the show

The participants got married to

People they had been set up with

It was an arranged marriage

Where you didn’t meet your partner until

It was time to get married

There were so many volunteers

To become potential matches

But as time went by

The 3 couples that were chosen

Didn’t get along

As much as a person would like

To be married

To someone they love

It was just two strangers being thrown together

Without knowing anything about each other

Not even their names

And I dreamed last night

That I was on this show

But my Mother disproved of

Who I was going to marry

And on top of that

He was all wrong

Because he was abusive

In the past

I have been so desperate to find the right guy

That I searched online

And even wanted to try a matchmaker

Even though it was expensive

But in reality picking men from a profile and pic

Isn’t the best way to find the right person

People lie all the time

And have ulterior motives

If I can be patient enough

And trust in God

Then he will find me the right man

God never has bad intentions

Patrika Williamson



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