Spring Break

Vacation time for me

I don’t plan on leaving

Just sleeping in

It’s been a while

Since I was in school

But I like having time off too

I get like two weeks off for

Spring Break

But I never partied

So I don’t take trips

And celebrate

This time of year

I just enjoy relaxing

And will attend church on Easter Sunday

I’ve been wanting to learn

How to write songs

I don’t know why

But I’ve been reading up on it

So for the next two weeks

My time is freed up to

Study up

And of course practice guitar

I’ve learned tabliture

From Yousician

And oddly enough

Last night in class

My instructor introduced

It to us

And I’m already way ahead

Knowing what the numbers meant

I no longer feel as discouraged

About playing

I’m trying to learn new chords

But mostly playing around

And stumbling upon them

As I go

It’s cool

But I don’t know the names

Of the chords that I play

But there are plenty of musicians

That didn’t learn to play their

Instruments traditionally

I haven’t checked out YouTube yet

And there’s probably millions

Of videos on guitar playing there

For now I’ll just stick to my phone

And all the other stuff I bought

Then continue my class

When Spring Break is over

I hope that everyone

Enjoys Spring Break

Patrika Williamson


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