Just Forget About It

I spent some quiet time today

Talking to God

I’ve noticed that the way

God answers prayers

Is when we’re not thinking about them

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to

Pay for my kittens being fixed

But he blessed me yesterday with

The funds to pay for their surgery

And this was after I had given up hope

On there being extra money in my pocket

I think that the way to think about being blessed

Is to just forget about it

Tell God what you need

And he will get back to you indeed

I tend to obsess over everything

But when I forget about it

And focus my energy on just living

God always comes through for me

So about that man

It’s what I came to God about today

I just said

God I know you can do anything

Could you do this for me

I just hope I’m not worrying too much

And need to try to put it out of my mind

Even though I think about this all the time

If I can forget about it long enough

Hopefully I will be blessed in more ways than one

And all needed to do was trust in him

So that he can make it happen

Patrika Williamson


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