The Hand of God

I have trouble fighting

My own battles

Or standing up for myself

I’ve always been the pushover

The one who never could say no

But just last night

I had a dream

That I was accused of a crime

And I knew they had the wrong guy

I had to go away

And never got my day

In court

I had no idea how long I’d be there

But somehow made the most of it

But I thought to myself

Why didn’t I feel more broken down

But suddenly I felt

A strong hand pressing down

And it made me feel so calm

Like everything was going to be OK

It felt so real

But as I slowly woke up

I realized that my cat Apollo

Had fallen asleep on my back

Even though the cat was on my back

I felt like I had been comforted

By the hand of God

He wanted me to know

That everything would be OK

I just hope that my next dream

Will lead to a comforting feeling

In the midst of sorrow

And negativity

Patrika Williamson





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