I wonder sometimes

Am I living right

I do as much as I can

And have to remember

If I fail God will always understand

Though I have made mistakes in my life

It never was so bad

That I couldn’t make things right

Even the times when the voices convinced me

That the world was ending because of me

Eventually I was able to snap out of my psychosis

It took a little while

But eventually I realized that I had done nothing wrong

It must have been a test

And though I thought I failed miserably

I’m here safe and completely sane

I wasn’t thrown somewhere for the insane

And I am grateful for it

Over the years I had to learn to cope with

My illnesses

It wasn’t easy but the harassment

And terror stopped completely

And it was a matter of me managing

No matter what the reason be

For my suffering

Whether super or natural

I still have to live with it

And I think I’m d0ing just fine at the moment

Patrika Williamson


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