21 Day Fast

I think overall l my fast went well

So many things happened

This month that count as blessings

And the biggest was making a new friend

I kept a journal and for everyday

I wrote down a miracle that came my way

It was a little hard to eat differently

And I ended up

Giving up towards the last few days

By having lunch with my Mom

In honor of her birthday

I prayed daily

And went to church on Saturday

To add in an extra group prayer

It was all something that I wasn’t use to

And I’ll admit it was cool to commit to

I did a good job

Got closer to God

And was blessed so many times over

That I never felt I was being skipped over

God responded in such a positive way

But I have to keep in mind

That it doesn’t have to involve fasting

God will bless you no matter what

He hears us

And knows what’s in our hearts

So instead of being impatient

I should relax and be content

Until he blesses me again

With his generosity

And love for me

Patrika Williamson



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