Full of Faith

I’m hoping in 2017 my life will change forever

That some totally big things will happen for me ever

I have so many wishes that I want to come true

And I really hope they do

I want to be truly happy

And not feel so crappy

I want to be the person with the permanent grin

And to be thin again

I don’t want to say their my resolutions

Since some of them involve other people

But the main way to approach them

Is to pray to God and trust in him

I know he can do anything

My pastor told us today to do something

That’s different

And more blessings will be sent

I don’t know what to change in my life

But hopefully it will come to me in due time

What I should do differently

I try to have as much faith and hopefully

God will smile upon me

As he has already

Patrika Williamson




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