How I Deal With It

The worst thing about having psychosis

Is that the voices

Seem so real to me

I feel like I am talking to real people

And it is beyond simple

To assume that I can understand and hear them clear as day

But I don’t necessarily want to know what they say

It can be an insult

Which results

In my feelings being hurt

Or criticism

Which can be their words of wisdom

It can be just about anybody

Feeling free to be funny

And trick me into believing

That someone is out to get me

Sometimes they’ll come up with conspiracy theories

Or convince me that something

Really bad will happen to me

I’ve gone through it so many times

That I know now not to give them the time

To get to me

And make me go completely

Out of my mind

I can think of so many times

In the past

Where they were able to win me over at last

But eventually I would realize

That it was all lies

I can’t say that meds helped

The many times I wish I were somewhere else

But eventually it would end

Now I know that I can stop them

By saying something funny

It’s the only

Way I can get out of

Being taken for a


They seem to think it’s funny

Making me see things that turned out to be

Part of their weird games

My sanity isn’t a game

But since they won’t leave me alone

I have to find ways to deal with them on my own

Patrika Williamson



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