Christmas Fantasy

Christmas is getting so close

And I’m trying to have as much hope

Still battling some ups and downs

Inside of my own mind filled with clouds

I wish that all sadness could be taken away

Sometimes even positive thinking isn’t enough I’m afraid

But I’m just about done shopping

And need to get to wrapping

The fun part is Christmas present opening

And finding out if you’ve gotten what you’ve always wanted

Each year it gets harder and harder

For others to get gifts for me

Since I like to shop for myself

But I’m not too old to be surprised

And being this close to God is new to me

I’m hoping and praying for peace of mind

To not have to worry all the time

Or feel like I’ve been let down

I know it’s not necessarily

Something that goes on a Christmas list

Just an internal wish

And that the suspense ends

When I finally get to meet someone special

I can be such a lonely fella

It comes out hopelessly

When I’m praying

Or just thinking to myself

And the people I hear don’t make up for it

I still feel like it’s too constant

To be a good substitute for the love of someone new

I’m so bored with what they say and do

It seems more like a curse

And in the past was a lot worse

But now that it’s not as bad

I want to move on and feel glad

That my life is working out for me

And of course for all my dreams to include me

And not just be fantasies

Patrika Williamson


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