Bless My Heart

For some reason I really like to hear

Christmas music this time of year

I’m not saying it’s a weird thing

For anyone to do

But even though for me Christmas

Sometimes makes me crabby

Hearing “The Christmas Song”

Or a song about Jesus

Really melts me

I used to think I had a hardened heart

But now that I have been blessed with two

Cute little kittens

I have more faith in myself

As I have made room for them

I know that I do feel love

And not filled with hate as I thought

I thought my heart was closed

Because over the years people ridiculed me

And I had trouble being around people

Plus I felt basically alone even though

I have never lived alone

I just thought things were hopeless

Now I have more hope for myself

And even one specific prayer of mine isn’t answered this holiday season

I still have faith that God won’t let me down

Because he will always love me

And I truly have faith

He has already blessed me in so many other ways

Patrika Williamson


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