Keeping the Faith

It is very rare when a person like me

Throws in the towel and asks for help

But since I have become a Christian

I have learned that I must trust in God

No matter how big or small my problems are

I realized that I can’t do everything on my own

I’m not Super Woman or Super anything

I can’t make myself into something that is

Capable of doing everything

Faith is very important

No matter how bad things get in life

Even in the case of Job who lost everything

He kept believing in God and was finally rewarded

With even more than he had lost

I’m not saying I have lost everything or suffered as much as Job

But there are times when I feel broken and defeated

And must take a step back and realize that it won’t last

And that God doesn’t give us more than we can bear

I have been at deaths door more than once in my life

And there were times when I just wanted to die

But I didn’t give up

I just prayed even before I ever became saved

I felt at the time that he was the only one

Who could bring me out OK

And just like those dark times in my life

I must pray and believe that no matter how

Discouraged I am

I can’t let the devil when by losing my faith

Or stop believing that God always wins

Even though the devil hides himself behind lies and temptation

God is always in charge and will never let the devil rule

We may stray and feel like our faith is being tested but

It doesn’t last forever

Over the past few days my posts have been dark but

I have my ups and downs as I have said and have to remember

That God is all around us and I have to keep believing

That blessings are in store for me

No matter how unlikely it may seem

Patrika Williamson


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