Giving is my Favorite Part

For many the greatest part about Christmas

Is opening your gifts and getting exactly what you wanted

It’s such a bid deal for kids

But as I’ve gotten older

My favorite part is seeing the look

On my family members’ faces

When they see what they’ve got

I try to be clever

And get what they want

Putting up a poker face

So they’re surprised when they finally find out

That I got them just what they want

I try to go all out for my Mom

I hope to make her day

Like when she gave us the toys we asked for for Christmas

But now that I am saved I also am looking forward to volunteering

For my churches community event for Christmas

Donating toys to kids

Like Santa Claus

And of course going to the annual holiday service

I didn’t always have the means

And when I was younger

My brother and I were the ones who received

The donated toys and gifts

I just secretly hope that instead of presents

My biggest wish of all will miraculously come true

Patrika Williamson




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