I used to wonder how people reflect

On what they’ve read in the Bible

And also be able to apply it to their lives

At the beginning of this year I did something big

I decided to read the entire Bible in a year

Now as I am coming to the end

I have learned so many things

And look at life differently

When I think of how I pray every night

I remind myself that God answers prayers on his own schedule

And that everything happens for a reason

I can apply this to the main thing I always pray for

And I realized that adopting two new kittens

Has helped me cope with my loneliness

But there are so many great things

That these two little beings

Have done for me

They curl up on my chest

Call to me for nourishment

Stroke my face

And purr when I pet them gently

It’s just so heartwarming

I never would imagine that someone like me would fall so easily

For two kitties

I’m a person who doesn’t like to be touched

And feels awkward during hugs

I feared that when I finally meet the right person

I wouldn’t be very affectionate and would feel

Uncomfortable with any human contact

So I’ve realized that God is getting me prepared

For what is about to happen in my future

I need to be ready for anything

Love isn’t something to take lightly

And it seems impossible for me to want it if

I can’t handle being close to anybody

Which is pretty important if I want a normal relationship

And not a penpal or something long distance

I need to be able to give and receive affection

And then of course if I have children

I feel a lot more at ease since

I took to my kittens instantly

I love holding them

And watching them sleep on my chest or neck

Even though I didn’t think too much before I got them

I realize now that God wants me to be prepared

For the miracles he will do for me

When I am truly ready

Patrika Williamson




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