Not the Same

I wonder if it’s true

Do I sound like a textbook case

Quiet, not outwardly friendly or talkative

The person you wonder why they don’t talk to you

It’s hard for me to say hi sometimes

Or make a friendly remark when passing by

I tend to watch many shows about the people

Who no one gets to know

And turns out to be a weirdo

But I’ve learned over the years that people like me

Are rarely capable of anything

That is dangerous or destructive

I don’t harbor mean feelings about anyone

Let alone plotting against others

I’m so harmless that I cry when I’m embarassed

And don’t talk to others unless I have to

Instead of being the first accused

I’m always looked at as the mole

Yes it’s unpopularly so

I have trouble lying

Always have and always will

It’s weird but I can’t help but tell the truth

I feel like Jim Carrey in Liar Liar

Or like my pants will catch on fire

Well I guess God created me to tell the truth

And not to be the most popular girl in the world

Patrika Williamson


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