Election Tomorrow

I don’t keep up too much on current events

But when it’s something big like the election

I do get out and vote

I think of all the history of it

And how years ago people like me couldn’t vote

And only white men had the right

Then finally woman and African Americans

People have fought so hard for this right

And to this day still most people don’t

Even though they have the right to

I won’t let this right go unused

I will vote for who I choose

I would like to encourage everyone

To exercise their right and vote for the best person for the job

Even if it means voting against your party

I can’t say who is the best since there are arguments

About who is fit

What stance they take on a particular subject

Or has less contriversy

All I know is, if it was up to me I would choose who I think

Will do the best for the country

Patrika Williamson


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