I used to hear them everyday say they hate me

Now I don’t care what they think of me

I used to worry about my future

Now I eagerly look forward to it

I used to be ridiculed by bullies

Now I don’t feel like I’m weird or different

I used to fear that I’d go to hell

Now I’m saved and will go to heaven

I used to keep what I write to myself

Now I have a blog and write what comes to me

I used to worry about money

Now I can take care of my needs

I used to worry people would hurt my feelings

Now I feel no one can hurt me

I used to feel like I was caged

Now I try to get out everyday

I used to be afraid of everything

Now I’m not afraid of anything

I used to drown in anxiety

Now I don’t let it take hold of me


I suggest that everyone makes a list like this

And keep it in mind so you can see how far you’ve come

It can help you to feel positive and proud

I used to see myself as being a failure

Not realizing all the things that I’ve managed to overcome in my life

They are successes

So what I’m not a millionaire or invented Facebook

I’ve come a long way and not going to stop accomplishing things

Patrika Williamson




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