Countdown to Halloween

After all these years

I’ve decided to dress up for Halloween

I’m going as a leopard

And even painting my face

I stopped celebrating years ago

Because I thought I was getting to old

But now enjoy taking my niece trick-or-treating

She will be a cat

And I will paint her face too

It’s actually kind of cool

I like to draw

And even went on YouTube for examples

I hope it’s as easy as it looks

One thing I do enjoy is the candy

My brother and I used to go around the neighborhood

And collect as much candy as we could

But then I became an adult and was thus too old

Of course I can always buy the candy

Which I do the next day

And then there’s the scary movies

But it doesn’t have to be Halloween for me to see these

Sometimes I dream of making my own horror movie

Another secret that just came to me

But it’s not something I can achieve

I’ll just dream

This Halloween will be special

I will finally get to meet my nieces younger half-brother

I know it will be fun

We’re going to an event in Balboa Park

Even my Mom is dressing up

I just hope there’s no rain

Which just sneaked up today

Patrika Williamson


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