Write On

It’s hard to not think about the future

Sometimes I wish I was psychic

Always wondering if I’ll succeed at something bigger than me

But I have such high standards

And forget it’s me who has to do it

No one else will live my life for me

But since I have an audience

It’s like having to keep myself from cracking up too

I try to enjoy happy moments

And make them last

I write poems and stories

To escape from my life as it stands

I’m not sure how entertaining I truly am

But when I make people laugh I’m glad

Inside and out of my own head

The world to me is full of people I can entertain

With the things I catch and put on a page

Will make someone else’s day

Or at least inspire someone else to do the same

Everyone should write

And not skimp on detailing their lives

Writing can be a way of getting out what’s caught up in your mind

Hopefully you’ll find

That your voice is a powerful force

And it never gets hoarse

No one ever has to read it

Just keep it your secret

Or pass it on

Maybe it may help another person

Only what you write down is certain

And no one can stop you

Write on

Patrika Williamson


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