My Routine

My life is plain

I do everything the same

My routine doesn’t change

I get up every morning

Have breakfast and check

My email again

Although I don’t have friends at the moment

I love seeing the interesting messages I get

Mostly eClubs and such

But it’s always cool to get a message that I’ve sold something

On eBay or Amazon

For now it’s just something on the side

I actually look forward to seeing all the likes to my posts

Or a new follower to my blog

It’s amazing that this blog was just something

That was suggested to me by my nurse practitioner

And now it’s become a daily thing I do every night around 9

I also keep a journal and pray everyday

And take my pills twice a day

Although my life lacks excitement

I still enjoy the little things like this

Seeing people enjoy my poems

I’d like to thank all the readers of this blog

For checking out my daily posts

As a glimpse into the life of a

Person suffering from

Schizophrenia, anxiety and depression

Patrika Williamson


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