The Recent Police Shootings

The latest shooting was just a few miles from where I live in El Cajon. Enough is enough. I can’t believe police keep shooting us black men and women. And to think that could have been me or someone else in my family. I suffer from mental illness and to think the next time I need help I might be shot for sneezing. Whatever reason they have it’s no excuse for pulling the trigger and killing someone. In this case, the police fired their guns five times. And their excuse was he pulled out an e-vape device. His name was Alfred Okwera Olango and he was 38. What are we supposed to do now throw up our hands whenever a police comes near us? Assume the position for no reason? I don’t see how police think they need to shoot to kill or strangle anyone when their the one’s who are armed. It’s an abuse of power and just flat out racist. When will it end. When black people are forced to stay inside unless we have an escort. It will never end as blacks have been targeted for centuries, forced into slavery, raped, brutalized, beaten, slaughtered and imprisoned. And to this day people still seem to think we’re different and don’t deserve to be treated like humans. I will always be human no matter my skin color. And just because someone carries a gun doesn’t give them the right to kill another human no matter who they are or what they look like. Black lives do matter and the killing needs to stop. There is no excuse  for murder or brutality. We are all humans and no one is better than anyone and shouldn’t have the power to kill another human being.


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