Schizophrenic Life

Looking at my life

It’s not easy to describe

How different it has been

Living with these pesky “friends”

I have an audience

Who adds their two cents

I’m never without someone’s opinion

Or their position

On whatever it is I choose to do

I can’t even read without a few

Of them telling me to pay attention

Like I need discipline

I haven’t been a child in decades

But I’m like their personal headache

I know because they always complain

And remind me how much they hate me

Even after trying to live my life

And pretend not to hear them

It’s like a bad relationship

With a partner you can’t get rid of

No matter where you go

Or whatever you do to lose them

They just don’t seem to go away

Even after holding the door open

And showing them to it

Or packing their things

And throwing them out the window

There’s no heave hoe here

It’s nothing I can do physically

I need a mental vacuum

To clear out all the negative people

That occupy my head-space

Patrika Williamson


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