Schizophrenic Rant

Sometimes I feel like my mind goes out of control. By no fault of mine. It’s just that I’m not alone. And it really is hard to deal with sometimes. But fortunately it’s not all of the time.

I sit down wanting time for myself to think

But of course it is never quietly

I can’t have a thought that doesn’t include

A person or two

Getting involved

In the situation and all

A wiseguy will yell

Something that I know too well

And it totally pisses me off

Nothing gets on my nerves more

Than someone in my head talking

As if they needed to remind me they’re here

I’m fine for a minute

But by the next I’m too far into it

And it suddenly turns into

Me against the world

With me defending my turf

And them working my last nerve

Sometimes it can be hard to explain

Imagine if you could hear not just yourself

But others as well

And they gave you hell

For no apparent reason

The only peace I have is when my mind

Is completely occupied.

And that is not all the time

Patrika Williamson







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