I like to make people laugh even though you’d never know. I’m the straight man. And my Mom is the funny person. I got my sense of humor from her and I’m glad I have it. She seems to find the humor in everything. Please feel free to comment.

I know you can’t see me but I have a serious face

You’d never know  I can joke around and light up a place

Although I love to laugh and make the voices laugh too

I hope you don’t think I’m crazy but it’s what I do

I can twist my face a thousand ways

Or change my voice as I may

Whenever I tell a story I’m serious

But most people laugh and think it’s hillarious

I don’t always know when I’ve said or done something funny

But sometimes I wish I could do it for money

My Mother is the master of it all

She’s funny too and I wish she’d do standup, she’d have a ball

We can make each other laugh till we cry

My Mom’s a goof, I’m not gonna lie

She can lighten any moment and make everyone smile


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