What Can I Do

Being helpful is a part of life. We have to help each other or else we are left doing things for ourselves. Could you imagine if children had to take on the roll of being their own parents? Or patients treating their own illnesses and injuries. It reminds me that we can’t do everything by ourselves. We have to step in and help in any way that we can. Please feel free to comment at the end.

I wonder what my true purpose is

Why was I put on this earth

But I realized today that life isn’t about taking one defining thing

It’s about giving of myself

There is so much I can do for others

And it doesn’t always occur to me

I’m even afraid to ask the Lord what can I do

Scared that he’ll tell me and I’ll shy away

We can’t turn away from God

As he never walks away from us

Instead of us feeling powerless

When there is so much pain and suffering in this world

We should try to do more things to help

Not just for our friends and family

But strangers as well

Maybe someone needs a hand but they don’t ask

Or there’s a person who needs something bigger than a hand

Like a big boost up

It doesn’t matter how great or how small

As long as we keep doing what God wants

God asks us to do things for others and to give

As much as we can

It will come back to you in a good way

You just never know so try it today

Patrika Williamson


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