Today’s Prompt: Learning

I’m drawing a blank again. But luckily the prompts inspire me. I always love learning new things whether the traditional way in a class or nowadays but hunting for information online. Either way it’s a cool way to become better informed. And since technology is always advancing I try to keep up. Of course I fall short but it’s still nice to find out about something that interests me.

I was one of those people you’d see paying attention in class

Always taking notes and getting good grades

It can be boring at times but as I got older I learned

About the web and the endless information it holds

I am a physical being

Who likes to soak up everything

And tend to sound like a recording

When I discuss my knowledge of a topic

It’s weird to me that I’m a person who’s not very talkative

But I still can open up and respond

To things I’ve spent time reading up on

And you’d never know I mostly keep quiet

Learning is fun when you find what you love

Then study to make sure of

Your minds ability to expand

There’s no limit to what your mind can stand

Just try to keep it interesting

I’ve learned much in my past by living with mental illness

That each experience can be quite different

For each person who’s symptoms are existent

It’s not something you can easily ignore

I tried that before

Only to find my life turned into a nightmare

And I was unaware that my schizophrenia

Had gotten pretty severe

I learned then and there

To deal with it or end up losing not just my hair

But my precious mind as well

Patrika Williamson


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